Our catalogue of products consists of a simplified and rich line of coffee beans grown by a network of some of most experienced and sustainable coffee producers in Costa Rica – perfectly situated at the heart of The Coffee Belt.

The varieties of beans are grown across eight different regions located in mountainous and volcanic soils of the country; special elements that help produce all sorts of balanced blends coffee flavors with full earthy undertones.

Some of the beans in our coffee catalogue are:

Catigua – Harvested at a height between 1443 and 1600 meters above sea level. Cross between Catuai and Hibrido de Timor

Obata - a Timor Hybrid bean between bourbon and a hybrid arabusta (3/4 arabica and 1/4 robusta).

Our network of coffee farmers in the region are fully committed to eco-friendly principles and excellence in quality.


Costa Rica represents an integrated market of two of our products of excellence, Woods and Coffee.

The proximity of Costa Rica to the equator and its extraordinary topography composed of soils full of rich minerals, coupled with the country’s privileged weather, contribute to create the perfect conditions for the harvesting of some of the world’s highest quality coffee beans regulated and certified by Instituto del Café (“ICAFE”) – The Costa Rican National Institute for Coffee.

Excellence in coffee production with the highest quality standards is achieved by Costa Rica’s diverse climate, mineral rich soils and elevation characteristics around the main coffee producing regions ranging between 1,000 and 1,700 meters over sea level - providing some of the best conditions in the world for coffee production.


Our engagement in the wine searching exploration in Spain inspired other opportunities in the coffee production industry in Costa Rica. From there, in 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, our family started a small operation with a plantation of 25 hectares of two varieties of Coffee beans, Catigua and Obata in Paraiso de Cartago, Costa Rica.


The project put forward was carefully planned and executed utilizing the experience acquired through a history of growing and processing coffee in the family. The project was assisted by a team of coffee culture experts assisting in every step of the way during the first harvest achieved with surprising success during harvest season 2021, and of course, using the most sustainable production methods in the industry.

Since then, we have added a network of high quality small local coffee farmers from other coffee regions in Costa Rica that forms part of our base of coffee suppliers in the country, for the US and the European Union markets.