Grupo Farinchi is proud to incorporate our exclusive variety of wood to our catalog of products through an initiative fully approved by the Ministerio de Ambiente y Energía - República de Costa Rica (minae.go.cr) ("MINAE"), the National Regulatory Agency for the Environment and Energy in Costa Rica, in a joint operation supervised through the Secondary and Degraded Forrest Management Plan. Our commitment to full utilization of forest waste, has driven our business to include biotechnology, biomass and the production of , dying chemicals, biomass, biofuel, bio-nanotechnology, etc. We are engaging local laboratories able to extract and produce compounds to support these industries also.


The wood varieties distributed by Grupo Farinchi are in line with regulations established by The U.S. Lacey Act, EUTR, and UKTR Timber Regulation of the European Union and the United Kingdom and other international regulatory timber standards. Our wood portfolio derives from forestry operations governed under the regulations of Costa Rica's Forestry Preservation Law. We guarantee our wood originates from Approved Managed Sustainable Managed tree plantation and/or FSC® certified.


Wood is playing an integral role in a revolutionary sustainable way of life that is needed today, to achieve a better future for our planet and our next generations.

The list of high-tech innovations in wood products is so extensive that includes cellulose from wood pulp that could be cheaper and stronger than petroleum-based polymers currently used for 3-D printing. Fabrics and building materials made from recycled wood fibers could revolutionize both the textile and construction industries. New environmental-friendly chemically processes remove lignin from natural wood fibers to produce a transparent wood substitute for glass windows and solar cells. Other innovations include biodegradable litter for pets, energy pellets and pellet block panels.


The origin of the wood is the most critical element that ensures adequate sustainability principles. Because the source of our wood is from a jurisdiction with a track record of forest and biodiversity protection, we can offer full transparency in our products. Moreover, by obtaining wood from the managed tree plantations we represent, you will be contributing to the small local producers in the wood industry and their surrounding communities, creating a full socioeconomic positive impact.

The sustainability certifications for our producer’s plantations run through a rigorous screening process that relies heavily in cutting edge technology for the identification and exact GPS position of each individual tree, including, their growth, inclination, girth, and healthiness analysis. The program encompasses a complex combination of advanced production control techniques, routine inspections from multiple regulatory entities, and the execution of a robust sustainable management plan including evaluations of individual tree planting coupled with monitoring of the natural regeneration process in the managed tree plantations.

Furthermore, Costa Rica has demonstrated the capability of full rehabilitation of their management plans as it is the first tropical country to have stopped and reversed deforestation (This country regrew its lost forest. Can the world learn from it? - CNN).