About us


Heiner Chinchilla, Co-founder of Grupo Farinchi with licensures in the areas of international anti-money laundering and anti-fraud compliance with extensive experience in administration in the banking industry, areas of marketing development, and compliance in the international supply chain industry.

Freddy Farietta, Co-founder of Grupo Farinchi with licensure in international anti-money laundering, a degree in Business Administration, Marketing, and International Business, with ample experience in the private banking industry in areas of commercial development and international compliance at large institutions.

We bring to our clients the service level experience characteristic of Private Banking and our extensive global connections in the logistics and supply chain markets.

As a family-owned business, Grupo Farinchi was born with the small producer in mind and always looking beyond simple trade.

Our business model is to connect environmentally conscious traders in specific industries with organizations in the public and private sectors, for the purpose of offering better alternative sustainability solutions.

We believe that trading high quality products in a sustainable commerce environment is mainly achieved by carefully selecting our suppliers, their farming practices, and particularities of each specific region such as certain parts of Europe, Costa Rica, and USA.

As part of our business portfolio, we have formed strategic alliances and agreements with non-profit organizations (“NGO”) in Costa Rica with shared objectives focused in Forest Management Programs throughout the country such as: Centro de Inteligencia e Innovación de Negocios Forestales ("CIINFOR"), created to assist La Oficina Nacional Forestal ("ONF") for the commercialization of FSC® certified (Forest Stewardship Council) exotic woods, and other wood byproducts for the noble cause of providing an economic benefit for the small Forest-culturists. This operation is fully approved and regulated by the Ministerio de Ambiente y Energía - República de Costa Rica ("MINAE"), The National Regulatory Agency for the Environment and Energy in Costa Rica.

Operaciones Forestales Sostenibles (“OFS”) was created for the purpose of planning and executing the day-to-day forest management operations, while monitoring the harvesting and organizing the sales process under a profit-sharing agreement with the landowners of Controlled Forest in the North-Western region of Guanacaste- an area rich in tropical semi-humid to dry forests. This operation is sponsored by the Forestry and Climate Change Fund (“FCCF“) established in Luxemburg. The FCCF is a pioneering impact fund aiming to demonstrate that a sustainable forestry operation within secondary and degraded tropical forests, can generate socioeconomic and ecological value while contributing to a healthier environment, better climate change mitigation techniques, and effective adaptation to a more local economic development process.

For those reasons, Costa Rica is a key player in our business brand. The country has the highest standards in bio-diversity protection and clean environmental initiatives, which has been an inspiration for one of the main concepts of our company, sustainability. The country achieved 100% of their electricity from renewable sources for 5 years in a row, has 60% of their territory is comprised of protected forest, while sustaining 5% of the world’s biodiversity. This special paradise is source of two of our major products we commercialize : Specialty Woods and Coffee.

The products commercialized and programs represented by Grupo Farinchi are guaranteed to adhere to the highest standards of quality control and environmental best practices.


We promote and represent a network of carefully selected small local producers in regions with high local and global sustainability standards. Our approach to small businesses ensures higher quality control in the products distributed by Grupo Farinchi, while providing better micro-economic benefits to local communities. We facilitate access to international markets to these selected farmers while moving in our direction to fulfil our commitment to sustainability principles, carbon neutralization initiatives and socioeconomic benefits to our suppliers and better products to our clients.

Our multilateral alliances integrate a global marketplace of products, technology, and architecture with sustainability principles and a clear view to create solutions across multiple industries. These partnerships create a positive local business impact, by stimulating a healthy economy for the small businesses that includes environmentally friendly solutions around the world.

If you are searching for specialty wood, and/or are interested in any other type of project whether it is wood or renewable technology, please contact us and we will make sure you are partnered with the most effective sustainable technology.


Our planet is going through an unprecedented climate change crisis. One that requires multi-level action from new business models linking multiple industries. These partnerships create a positive local business impact, by stimulating a healthy economy for the small businesses that includes environmentally friendly solutions around the world.

Grupo Farinchi is committed to forming strategic alliances with local and international programs and projects with sustainability initiatives that run deep in the fight against climate change.

To achieve our goal, Grupo Farinchi has started building a network of climate change conscious suppliers and clients around the world, with interest in integration of sustainable technological innovations to run their business, in a move to advance the commitments of Article 4, paragraphs 1 and 5 of the UN Climate Change Technology Negotiations to help achieve UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG).

As proof of our sustainability commitment, Grupo Farinchi has signed the UN Climate Neutral Now pledge (Take the pledge | UNFCCC) under the three pillars of the pledge: measuring and reducing our environmental impact and contributing to the fight against climate change with new strategic alliances.

We encourage organizations around the globe to join us in our UN Climate Neutral Now pledge.